How To Like Me Better

There’s a 2017 song called “I like me better when I’m with you”. It’s one of my favourite songs by Lauv. Catchy music, cutesy lyrics, and totally validates the anxious leanings in my attachment style. Is it a good thing to like yourself better when you’re with another person (especially a partner)? Overall I’d sayContinue reading “How To Like Me Better”

A Child Who Cried To The Wolves

“Wolf! Wolf, Wolf, WOLFIE — STOP! Noooo…” “Did you leave your dinner unattended at the table again?” “Sorry, Mum.” “How many times have I told you not to get up until you’ve finished your meal? Did Wolfie eat it all?” “Yes, Mum. I hadn’t even started. Is there more?” “No, there isn’t more. I supposeContinue reading “A Child Who Cried To The Wolves”

Humility Does Not Have To Be Self-Effacing

There’s a song I came across early last year, Madari, which is about the relationship between a person and their god. The singer sings to their god calling them “Madari” (which means master) and they describe themselves as “Jamoora” (which is like the one who obeys the master). Now Madari and Jamoora are master andContinue reading “Humility Does Not Have To Be Self-Effacing”

Playground | Be You

Have you ever found yourself feeling things like… “I don’t like being so busy that I don’t have time for myself.”“I wish people could just see me for the things that I want to be valued for, instead of judging me by irrelevant societal expectations.”“I’m frustrated when I’m not in control of my own life.”“IContinue reading “Playground | Be You”

How To Turn Your Inner Critic Into An Ally

This past weekend, my inner critic — who had been quiet for a while — suddenly launched a full blown attack on me out of the blue, and left me reeling. This is how it happened. On Saturday evening, I was feeling adventurous. I decided to push my comfort zone and try something new. IContinue reading “How To Turn Your Inner Critic Into An Ally”

Information Isn’t Scarce — Consolidation Is. A Three Step Process for Effective Experiential Learning

In my work with independent theatre over the years I’ve developed many techniques I’m proud of, but none as much as the three step process I’ve developed for effective experiential learning. Step 1: Checking in; taking stock of what’s there. This is also what I like to call the exploration stage. In my standard oneContinue reading “Information Isn’t Scarce — Consolidation Is. A Three Step Process for Effective Experiential Learning”

Three Steps to Cultivate a Reading Habit — Even If You Haven’t Read a Book in Years

I started reading at a very young age. At five years old, I was already devouring series after series of chapter books. As a six year old, I remember being assigned homework to read a story over the weekend and narrate it in front of the class on Monday. I didn’t take the assignment tooContinue reading “Three Steps to Cultivate a Reading Habit — Even If You Haven’t Read a Book in Years”