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How To Like Me Better

There’s a 2017 song called “I like me better when I’m with you”. It’s one of my favourite songs by Lauv. Catchy music, cutesy lyrics, and totally validates the anxious leanings in my attachment style. Is it a good thing to like yourself better when you’re with another person (especially a partner)? Overall I’d sayContinue reading “How To Like Me Better”


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Hi, I’m Jaya. I’m a creative artist, coach, and devoted dog mum. I’m fuelled by kindness, curiosity and playfulness. I’m a lifelong learner with an arts degree, two law degrees, and I’m on my way to earning a qualification in counselling. After dabbling in work with corporations, NGOs, government bodies, and independent arts groups, I set up my own theatre practice in 2015. Through the work of creating independent theatre shows, training actors and enthusiasts, and being open to letting life happen, I found home among other curious and playful lifelong learners. Playground is where we come together to be ourselves and belong.

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